Wednesday, 31 December 2014

An Open Letter to Microsoft.

An open letter to


Best wishes for a Happy New Year. Thank you for giving us OfficeMix, OneNote, Sway, and Skype Translator as New Year’s bonanza.

 It helps me a lot to make my lesson interesting and interactive. My students are also enthusiastic about these. In the coming years, it will have lasting impact on education.  I joined the Partner in Learning Network in 2013.

 I did not have the slightest idea what I would have in the coming year. In 2014, I participated in

                                    Microsoft in Education Global Forum-2014.

Being a member of your family, I discovered myself in a new height. It enhanced my capacity to deepen my knowledge through the positive use of technology.  I attended all the professional development programmes that came on my way to be an innovative educator. Since then, I started using all the tools provided by Microsoft to improve the learning of my students. I was amazed by the discovery how these poor boys and girls have become the 21st century learners from the traditional students learning by rote. The impact of changing teaching methodology gives them the freedom to search and research the Net with Bing.
They accumulate their findings with  Words and Excel and present them with amateur PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker, and even dare to create Auto Collage to test their skills in Digital Literacy. All the tools empower my learners. My role from an authoritative master shifts to a friend of the learners, a facilitator. They start to learn and create through collaboration. With this another challenge emerges- the ownership of knowledge. I think this will sure to unlock the door to creativity for them. 

I feel proud to be a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert -2015. You facilitate us with such innovative tools and resources that make us go ahead of time. Having all the great educators from the world around, you create a global platform for teachers. Being a partner in learning, I have realized that my activity has global impact. Every moment it pricks me to do something good and every moment it makes me better.  I wish our efforts and activities will make the world a better place in the coming year.   

Mohammed Khurshed Alam


Saturday, 20 December 2014

Living with Windows

Living with Microsoft Windows

Windows 1.0, 3.1x, 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 all these are the versions of  Microsoft Windows to many of us. But to me, these are the magical representation of dreams realized. Every upgrade version of Windows has lasting impact on me and my students. The day when I enrolled for a “Microsoft Office Management Course” in my city with Aptech Ltd, a Microsoft approved training center, my colleagues laughed at me. This was because I spent USD 500 for such a course. But I did not look back. Later when internet became available, I jumped to it. Internet Explorer became my daily companion. All these years, both in weal and woe, I and Windows remain together and pledged to remain so in the years to come. On my journey with Windows, I have run a youth training center, namely ‘Cosmopolitan Services’ for seven years from 2001-2007. I trained several hundred youths with Office course. They became self-reliant. These unemployed youths got their rightful place in the society because of ‘Office’.

At the advent of my career, I had a passion for Windows. Since then it has taken me from one experience to another and opened up opportunities. From Windows 1.00 to Windows 8 with all its upgraded versions and new features, it has changed my level of passion. Finally, through using Technology in teaching, it leads me to become a Microsoft mentor school leader. This year it creates the opportunity for me to become a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert-2015.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Learning English Online


This site is intended for the students of schools, colleges and madrasas to equip them with the fundamentals of English Grammar and also to guide them in the use of modern English.


The entire instructional material has been organized in Units. Each unit takes up a particular item of grammar or usage and deals with it in a simple, direct and a clear manner.The emphasis throughout is on the functional aspect of grammar.In preparing the material the needs and difficulties of the non-native learners of English have been kept in view.


The site produces numerous Exercises covering all items of grammar and also all important and major aspects of usage. The students as well as teachers would find these exercise materials useful for drill work.


We are grateful to various writers, publishers and free websites for borrowing and reusing some of their materials to generate exercises.

WORD 4 YOU !!!


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